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   Small business

Content marketing is an effective way to build awareness and promote your business. But most of us are too busy or struggle to regularly produce the content we need to send in an email, add to a blog or share on social media. That’s where the Partica Content Marketplace can help. Partica has thousands of already written articles you can download, edit and use for your content marketing today.

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Article licensing and syndication is a great way to get cost effective content for your audience. Until now, licensing has been antiquated, complicated, slow and expensive. The Partica Content Marketplace puts the power of licensing content in your hands, browse 1000s of articles from publishers around the world for immediate use. With Partica you can also sell your own original content on your terms and you set the price.

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  Agencies & Marketers

As a marketer, going back and forth between your client and a writer can take up a lot of time – even if you have a good brief. The Partica Content Marketplace makes the process smoother with thousands of articles you can download, and use for your client immediately, letting you get onto other aspects of your marketing.

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Why purchase pre-written articles?

Save time

It is far easier to search for an existing article that is similar to what you need, edit it to suit your audience and message than it is to write an article from scratch. Your time is worth more than you think if your main role in the business is not writing articles for your audience. 

Save money

You may think that you could hire a writer to write your content for you more cost effectively than you could purchasing content from Partica. This never goes as smoothly as you would expect – we have tried this ourselves. By the time you write a brief, find a writer, go through revisions – assuming what you get back doesn’t need a re-write, you have already spent more time than buying a pre-written article and editing it yourself.

Build authority

Unlike curation or content scraping, you build real authority as the articles are perceived as written by you, and you keep potential customers on your site. There is no need to add a link and credit back the original author – this can send people away from your site to read the original story, defeating the purpose of adding the content to your site in the first place.

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Who buys written content?

Small Business

Small businesses love the fact they can get content fast. Building authority and staying top of mind is easy when you can browse, download and edit content for websites and email marketing.

Brands and Agencies

Brands use Partica for content amplification through virtual private networks of clients of small businesses. Agencies reduce costs by finding and editing content fast for their clients, so they can focus on more interesting aspects of marketing.

Magazines and Newspapers

Syndicated content reduces costs and broadens the appeal of newspapers and magazines. Buying and selling content between similar publications around the globe is good economics.

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