Content Marketing Service

for Real Estate Agents


Does your real estate website build trust and confidence?

Or does it just list properties you have on the market and properties you have sold? Does it show that you are an expert in your field? Do you have articles on your website that educate and inform your potential customers? Do you send informative articles in your email marketing? If the answer is no, then you need to think about content marketing for real estate.

As a real estate agent, you should know that by using content marketing, you are engaging your potential clients in conversations about experiences; nurturing them along a journey towards becoming a client whilst proving the value you bring, building a long term relationship.

However, the likely reality is that you are too busy or struggle to come up with the content regularly – after all, creating content is not your business. That’s where Partica can help by supplying the content you need on a weekly and monthly basis. Content is our business.

Partica is the new home of the best magazine quality, pre-written real estate articles available anywhere online. Content in Partica has been sourced from reputable print publishers and real estate journalists, so our content is edited, fact-checked and written to be read by your clients, not by the Google SEO bot. You can browse, purchase and download articles for use in your marketing, and to save you time, we have created Core Content Packages and a Content Subscription Service for real estate agents.

What is the real estate content subscription service?

The subscription service is supplied by an experienced group of writers from around the country who have written for Domain,, SMH, Sun Herald, The Age, Australian Property Investor, Australian Home Beautiful and various local newspapers as Real Estate Journalists. They have written content specifically for this service and will provide curation services at a fraction of the price if you were to employ them yourselves to write content from scratch.

Each month, our real estate content experts select and curate four articles from the Partica content marketplace for you to use in your email newsletters , websites, blogs and marketing materials. These articles are automatically available to you ready for download, or to paste into your website, newsletters, an email or your blog.

These articles have not been churned out of a content mill for one cent a word by faceless writers who have no idea about property. This is the type of content that your content marketing agency will purchase and modify for you, adapt for your brand and audience and charge you a premium for the privilege.  Or write it from scratch and charge you four times the price for the same content. 

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The real estate content subscription service delivers you high quality, ready to use content at a fraction of the price, making your content marketing effortless.

How much does the service cost?

There are several packages to choose from depending on you requirements. Prices are per individual agent, we have special pricing for agencies and agency groups:

Standard $150

per month

Entry Level

Real estate writer selects articles

Four articles per month

Use on website, newsletters, email or blog

Download or cut and paste

Edited with location

Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter versions

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Curated $250

per month

Best value

Real estate writer selects articles

Four articles per month

Use on website, newsletters, email or blog

Download or cut and paste

Edited with your location

Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter versions

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Tailored $500

per month

Most professional

Real estate writer selects articles

Four articles per month

Use on website, newsletters, email or blog

Download or cut and paste

Edited to your brand, tone and location

Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter versions

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Content Packages

As well as an subscription service, Partica offers core content packs for real estate agents. A lot of real estate agent websites don’t even offer potential customers basic educational content about buying and selling property. If someone has landed on your real estate website, then you don’t want to give them reasons to have to go somewhere else to find the information they need to make an informed decision. If you help them become informed, then you are far more likely to win their business as you have already shown your authority on the subject before they have even met you. 

The Partica core content packs allow you to select 10 articles from over 100 engaging articles for just $299 – a great way to supercharge your website with the information a potential vendor or landlord would need. Subjects include:

  • Buying advice
  • Selling advice
  • Auction tips
  • Property Investment
  • Mortgage and Finance
  • Leasing
  • Building and Renovations
  • Lifestyle
  • Local news

Why purchase articles for content marketing?

The short answer is that it saves you time and money. It is far easier to edit an existing article to suit your audience and message than it is to write an article from scratch. Better still, subscribe to our curated or tailored package and you can simply cut and paste. Your time is worth more than you think if your main role in the business is not writing articles for your audience. 

You may think that you could hire a cheap writer to write your content for you, however, by the time you write a brief, find a writer, go through revisions – assuming what you get back doesn’t need you to re-write it, you have already spent more time and money than you would have getting articles from Partica. If you had to employ the same writers as we do to get this content, you would be paying over $500 per article. 

These are the benefits of using articles from Partica:

  • High quality – fact checked, edited, proofed articles, sourced from printed publications and the journalists who write for them. A lot of the articles have been specifically written for this service.
  • Speed – you can download, edit (if you feel it’s needed) and publish your article in minutes.
  • Images are included – most articles come with an image.
  • Flexibility – the Partica license is unrestricted – you get to keep the article forever, use it however you want – online or in print, make any changes to make it unique.
  • Supporting Journalism – we support the journalists who have written this content by providing this platform for free to store as much of their articles as they like, at the same time providing a marketplace for them to earn more revenue from their content. We are not operating a content mill devaluing the work that writers produce.
  • Real company, real people – Partica has been developed and is run by Realview, a company with over two decades of experience with content and digital publishing.
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What about SEO?

The Partica licensing permits changes to the content, so even if you choose our content plan, we recommend that you spin the content to suit your own purposes therefore making it unique.  Removing and editing content, adding a call to action, changing the wording and adding introductions and conclusions. It doesn’t take much to make the content unique. It is far easier and quicker to start with some content and perform changes to make it your own, than to start from scratch. 

Not all content you purchase will be used specifically for SEO purposes, however, if you do intend to use the content to improve your search rankings, it is a widespread misconception that Google penalises you for duplicate content – a fact that Google has publicly stated several times over the years. The good news is that your real estate business is geographically based, so with all of the other inputs Google uses to deliver search results (such as location), then if you are on our curated or tailored package, then you will see a definite improvement on your search rankings.

Changing your articles

It is easy to find a pre-written article and change it to suit your business. This is what the big content marketing agencies don’t want you to know. They source the same content that is in Partica from magazines and journalists, and tailor it for your business, and charge you a premium.

How you change your article will depend on what you intend to use it for. Articles in the marketplace have not been edited to suit a particular medium, as you will want to do that. For example, a lot of articles have been sourced from print publications and are therefore longer than what you would need for a blog post. 

Purchasing a longer article and reducing it to a blog size is a great way to instantly create unique content. Once you look at the sentence structure and and think about your audience and what you are trying to say (or invoke) then it will be come easy to edit your articles. Remember that any changes to your articles are better than no changes, and no one will know or cares that you don’t write all of your content.

If you are still not confident in changing your content, then opt for our curated or tailored package. The articles will be unique to you.