How to make more money selling articles

Partica represents an opportunity for affiliates to generate a new incremental income each time an article is purchased.

Want to learn more about how to make more money selling articles? Become a Partica Affiliate. We are excited to announce the launch of the Partica Affiliate Program. This program provides you with an opportunity to earn additional passive income by simply promoting the Partica Marketplace on your website or outgoing emails.

You can earn 20% commission on any articles from the marketplace purchased as a result of your referral. If it is your own content sold you will receive an additional 20% on top of your revenue share.


How it works

As an affiliate partner you will receive a referrer link and logo to insert on your website and in your emails.

Your affiliate revenue will be earned on sales proceeds resulting from purchases made by new customers referred to the Partica marketplace through your referrer link.

These customers are tagged with your unique affiliate code and are tracked for a period of 90 days from when the customer creates a Partica account.

The Affiliate revenue is in the form of a commission, representing 20% of the sales proceeds received from the customer over the 90 day period and is payable monthly.

How to join

You will need a Partica account if you don’t have one already. Click the button to create your account or to logon to your existing account:

Then click on the affiliate menu item. You will see your link and logo with the code to copy onto your website or blog. Your link will be activated within 24 hours.